A great drink has one very important component: the Solid Copper Mug.

Solid Copper products involve an ionization process that can not be duplicated by lower quality materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel or nickel.

We began Solid Copper after a frustrating search for a 100% copper mug to perfect refreshing cocktails, such as the popular Moscow Mule. We found that there was no company dedicated solely to the distribution of a quality solid copper mug.    A need for a fellowship that could put the premium quality mugs in consumer’s hands was discovered and in June of 2013, Solid Copper was born in Des Moines, Iowa.

With experience in mind, we enjoy promoting Solid Copper Mugs, as well as contributing to the process of making socially exciting, fun, and popular cocktails, including Moscow Mules.  Our customers are both private and public, domestic and commercial, because our mission is simple:  Put Solid Copper Mugs in the hands of people that appreciate them as much as we do.

We have wholesale copper distribution processes and pricing available for all Solid Copper Mugs.  We offer same day shipping, cut throat prices, and service with experience!

Remember:  All Solid Copper products are just that… Solid Copper.  No linings made from non-copper, no decorative brass.  We use a thick, 20-gauge width copper, which is much thicker and heavier than most other copper mugs.  We also manufacture a mug with a riveted handle, allowing the copper mug to bend under stress rather than break from an epoxy or glued handle.  Our packaging uses thick, corrugated cardboard, so even if the package gets dropped, we have a 99.9% damage avoidance to all end users.

All of our products are ready for retail!  With impressive, durable individual packaging, our mugs will look great on your shelves.  Bar/Restaurant Managers around the country enjoy the added profitability of Moscow Mules!

Our shop is built for quick orders, but do you need more Solid Copper products than are shown?  We offer custom packages and orders to our suppliers.

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