100% Copper Moscow Mule Mugs Custom 108 Package – 16oz




We offer only the best. 100% Solid Copper Copper. No excuses, no exceptions. Don’t be fooled by imitation mugs that contain nickle.

108 – 16 oz   Solid Copper Mugs, perfect for home entertainment.

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Perfect gift for wedding, holiday, retirement, anniversary, birthday, and graduation occasions!

The Moscow Mule and the Copper Mug have certainly made a come back since it’s introduction in the 1940’s, but a Solid Copper Mug is not limited to just this one fantastic drink.  Many of our friends and customers enjoy bourbon, gin, and various liqueur cocktails in them as well!

Solid Copper Mugs are often used as nostalgic decoration pieces when not being used as a receptacle for tasty beverages.  Solid Copper Mugs are unique in that they get better with age.  Unlike most products that depreciate, Copper Mugs gain character with age.  Every ding or dent in an old mug has a story, and can often be told in the company friends and family with smiles shared by everybody.  For those that enjoy pristine look, our copper can be polished over and over again with out causing damage to the mug.

After tasting your beverage from a Solid Copper Mug, you will instantly notice the difference.  But that’s not all, many believe in their  health benefits too!  According to many Yogis, drinking from Copper Mugs prevents ageing,  and many Yogis have revered copper as an ideal container to positively charge water before drinking it. For thousands of years, the yogis would carry water in their copper pot called ‘kamandalam’.  Taste something as simple as water from a Solid Copper Mug to experience the energized quality of water!

Copper is a great material to use when wanting to keep beverages cold as well, and 100% Solid Copper Mugs do just that.  We all know how frustrating it can be when your Moscow Mule (or any other tasty beverage for that matter) has sat for too long and all the ice has melted!  Keep your drinks colder, longer.  Drink from a 100% Solid Copper Mug!


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